September's Challenge:

"Football" Songs

The sport that millions of Americans focus on during the month of September is FOOTBALL. All kinds of football to be exact: peewee football, flag football, high school football, college football, professional football. It's America's favorite sport and one that is hard to avoid! So, for this month, try your hand at rewriting a "football" themed song. (If you want to rewrite a song about soccer or "futbol," that's fine too!) You can get tips on how to rewrite lyrics by clicking HERE and submit lyrics or videos by clicking HERE. Below are some examples of American "Football" songs to get you started! Good luck!

          "Carmen Ohio"

The Ohio State Marching Band

"The Notre Dame

  Victory March"

   "Country Nation" by

        Brad Paisley

Are You Ready For Some Football?

        by Hank Williams Jr. 

Feel free to complete any monthly challenge!

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