Welcome to Classroom Lyrics! My name is Arin Kress and I'm a 5th grade teacher from Grove City, Ohio. I currently teach 75 active students who enjoy learning through technology, music, art and hands-on activities.


One way that we learn the content is through music. While studying the seasons one student said, "I wish there was a better way to remember the causes!" I jokingly began singing the popular "Whip & Nae Nae" lyrics but changed the chorus to "Now watch Earth tilt, watch Earth orbit...." The students' faces lit up! We all stood, sang the chorus and had a quick dance party.


That weekend I went home and rewrote the rest of the lyrics to the song to fit the topic of seasons. Ironically, February was Classroom Champions TEAMWORK month so I thought creating a music video would be a great teamwork activity! So, once a day for the next week, the students and I practiced the lyrics and student-created dance moves to the "Tilt and Orbit." (The students were also challenged to rewrite lyrics to other songs and nursery rhymes to teach other Earth & Space concepts.) On Thursday of that week, our team's acting club also wrote a short skit to perform before the "flashmob." On Friday, our entire team got together to sing the song. The students enjoyed creating a music video and learning together! You can see the video of our first song below. 















At first, we thought the Tilt & Orbit video was the "final product," but soon we realized it was just the start of something much bigger! The students asked if we could share the idea online and continue rewriting lyrics and creating music videos. So, CLASSROOM LYRICS was born!