Rewriting lyrics is 

fun, challenging and a great way to learn!

At Classroom Lyrics, we challenge students to rewrite lyrics to songs (or create their OWN songs) to teach the content they have learned. You can find resources for rewriting lyrics under the CREATE tab above. All the videos and lyrics we create (and those shared with us) can be found under the LEARN tab. If you would like to share videos or lyrics your students have written or rewritten, please fill out the form under the SHARE tab.  Finally, click the CHALLENGE tab to check out our monthly challenges.


Below, you can view the first song my students and I created together for Classroom Lyrics. The "Tilt & Orbit" teaches the causes of the seasons to the tune of Silento's popular song "Whip and Nae Nae. " Please join us on a journey or writing, singing, dancing and learning!